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A wide array of options are available for use with Thermo Riko heating systems.
The following options are available for heating systems:
HC80V High-Vacuum Exhaust System
PK251 Total-Pressure Vacuum Gauges
Cooling Water Circulation System
This page presents our vacuum exhaust and various pumps for vacuum chamber evacuation.
Thermo Riko offers several types of equipment available for various types of research.
Our vacuum pumps include turbo-molecular pumps, rotary pumps and dry pumps. We also have vacuum gauges, valves, and flexible tubes and other vacuum lines.
The products shown here are the recommended models to use with standard Thermo Riko systems.
Enables continuous evacuation from atmospheric pressure to 10–5 Pa.
An easily operated model that works at the touch of a button.
Model No. HC80V
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 338mm
Attainable vacuum degree Atmospheric pressure to 10–7 Pa
Connection standard NW25 or ICF114
Enable continuous measurement from atmospheric pressure to nearly 10–7 Pa.
Model No. PK251 PK261
Size Gauge head: 60 mm diameter × 130 mm;
Display: 71 × 129 × 269 mm (display)
Measurement vacuum degree Atmospheric pressure to 5 × 10–7 Pa
Vacuum seal O-ring Gasket
Connection standard NW25 ICF70
Most Thermo Riko heating system models require water cooling. We recommend the model below for its cooling and pump capacities.
Model No. HRS012-A10Y
Dimensions 377 × 500 × 615mm
Cooling capacity 1,100 W
Pump capacity 0.13 MPa
Sensors designed for various infrared heating characteristics are shown below.
These sensors are radiation thermometer or thermocouple types.
The following thermal sensor products are available:
RS250V/KS250V Movable Thermal Sensors
IR2S Series Infrared Thermal Sensors
Sheath thermocouples with an ICF flange and linear movement mechanism.
Can be connected and disconnected in an ultra-high vacuum. Ideal for measuring the temperature of samples transported from a load lock chamber.
Can be moved horizontally to measure the temperature distribution.
Model No. Measurement temperature range
RS250V RT to 1,700°C (in vacuum)
KS250V RT to 1,200°C (in vacuum)

Enable non-contact measurement of the sample’s temperature in a vacuum. The sensor head can be mounted on an ICF70 view port.
An LED alignment mechanism makes measurement positioning easy.
Can be used with Thermo Riko’s TP910VT temperature controller to enable heating system control.
Two models are available for use with different temperature ranges or wavelengths.
Model No. Measurement temperature range
IR2S-P400 400~2000°C
IR2S-P220 200~800°C