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These temperature controllers are ideal for use with infrared heating systems and electric furnaces.
The wide model lineup ranges from advanced-function programmed temperature controllers to low-cost constant-value temperature controllers.
The following temperature control products are available:
TP910 Series Programmed Temperature Controllers
TP910RF (KF/WF/BF), TP910FF, TP910VT, TP910CE
TP20 Series Programmed Temperature Controllers
DP500 Series Constant-Value Temperature Controllers
DFS3R Flow Switch
WRF1 Water Cut-Out Relay
HS2 Overheating Prevention Mechanism
Advanced-function programmed temperature controllers for use with infrared heating systems.
With extensive programs and rapid response times, these advanced-function models are ideal for temperature control of Thermo Riko’s infrared heating systems.
They have a wide range of setting items to maximize the performance of infrared heating systems with rapid temperature rise rates.
A bar graph display makes it easy to follow the program’s progress. Connectable to a PC with a USB cable (option).
Can manage settings and records measured temperatures on the PC.
Number of programs : 32 patterns, 32 segments
Sampling period : 0.1 second (0.05 and 0.25 second settings can also be selected)
Analog output of measured temperatures : 0 to 5 V
Safety functions : Short-circuit breaker, thermocouple cutoff warning, abnormal temperature warning, cooling water flow rate warning*
*When the optional flow switch is connected, the cooling water flow rate is monitored, and heater output is shut off when a warning is generated.
Model name TP910RF TP910FF TP910VT TP910CE
Feedback control from thermocouple output
Feedforward control from output value control
Feedback control from infrared thermal sensor output
CE Marking
Standard models for use with Thermo Riko infrared heating systems.
They perform PID control using temperature feedback from the thermocouple output, and also enable manual and constant-value operation.
Designed to support specific thermocouples.
A higher-performance version of the TP910RF models.
Has an additional feedforward control function that enables output control without thermal sensor feedback.
This function is ideal for environments not enabling the use of thermal sensors, or for rapid temperature-rise applications not supporting feedback control.
The other functions are the same as in the TP910RF models.
A higher-performance version of TP910FF.
Has an additional radiation thermometer control function that enables non-contact temperature control by connecting the provided radiation thermometer.
The thermal sensor’s function can be switched between thermocouple and radiation thermometer at the touch of a button. The other functions are the same as in TP910FF.
The top-of-the-range CE Marking version of TP910VT.
Provides the same functions as TP910VT in a version that complies with the CE safety standards.
Ideal for use overseas or with equipment complying with the CE standards.

Programmed temperature controllers developed for use with Thermo Riko’s GF Series of uniform-temperature heat treatment systems.
Execute PID control by programmed operation with easier operation than the TP910 models.
Provide all the required functions in a simple design. Heat the sample to the entered temperature setting, and maintain the temperature by PID control.
Also enable manual operation.
Provide thermocouple measurement and feedback of sample temperatures.
Support various thermocouple types.
An optional flow switch available for these models can be connected to enable cooling water flow rate monitoring, and automatic shutoff when the flow rate falls below the set value.
Safety equipment for cooling water flow rate monitoring. Connects to a Thermo Riko model TP or DP temperature controller to ensure safe operation by monitoring the cooling water flow rate.
Generates a warning and shuts off the heater output when the cooling water flow rate falls below the set value.

A CE Marking version is also available.
Used with the DFS3R flow switch.
Monitors the cooling water flow rate to ensure safe operation when using equipment such as a temperature controller or power supply without a flow switch contact input.

Used when safety equipment is needed on a different circuit from the temperature controller.
When a thermal sensor has been installed at a user-selected position, HS2 shuts off the output to the heater if the set temperature is exceeded.