GF Series Uniform Temperature Heat-Treatment Systems
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Tubular furnaces providing outstanding temperature uniformity.
Can process a large sample or multiple samples at once by maintaining a uniform temperature over about 70% of the furnace length.
GF Series models are system products provided as a set including a furnace, quartz furnace tube, vacuum flange, programmed temperature controller, safety equipment, installation mount and protective cover.
Customized sample holders are also available as an option.
Outstanding temperature uniformity
Support a wide range of heating conditions such as vacuum, atmosphere, and gas flows.
(An ultra-high vacuum model is available.)
Rapid temperature rise/cooling rates
Heat treatment of materials such as silicon wafers, ceramics, and piezoelectric materials
Electrical resistance measurement during heating
CVD equipment
Creating carbon nanotubes
Heating powdered samples
Checking large production furnace heating conditions
Annealing steel and other metal materials
UV irradiation of samples being heated
Single-crystal creation
  GF Series models with various furnace sizes are available, as shown below.
Model name GFA430VN GFA430UHV GFB450 GFC650V
Maximum attainable temperature 1000°C
Normal temperature 900°C
Uniform-temperature zone dimensions 36 mm diameter × 200 mm approx. 36 mm diameter ×
350 mm approx.
55 mm diameter ×
300 mm approx.
Temperature rise rate Room temperature to 1,000°C in 30 minutes
Temperature cooling rate 1,000°C to 100°C in about 1 hour (about 30 minutes with forced air cooling)
Maximum attainable vacuum level 10–4Pa 10–6Pa 10–4Pa
Power 1.5kW 2kW 3kW
Cooling water flow rate 1L/min N/A 1L/min
Custom models
Thermo Riko’s bestselling tabletop-size heat treatment system.
Despite its compact size, GFA430VN has a uniform-temperature zone of 36 mm in diameter and 200 mm long, enabling multiple samples to be processed at once.
The vacuum flange unit has an NW40 flange and 1/4 pipe joint, making it easy to heat samples while supplying a gas flow after vacuum replacement.
Can heat samples in an ultra-high vacuum of 10–6 Pa using a furnace tube that is closed at one end and has an ultra-high vacuum flange.
An ideal model for heating oxidation-averse metals.
Available options include a load lock chamber, sample transporter, and more.
A model with a longer furnace (500 mm) than the GFA model furnaces.
Can heat long samples.
A medium-sized system product with a wider furnace bore.
Can heat multiple approximately two inch samples at once.
Custom GF Series models in other sizes can be made to order.
Other custom features can also be provided, such as temperature gradients created by multiple heating zones, upright operation, or electromagnetic induction protective measures. Inquire for information.