SR Series Ultra-High Temperature Super RTA Systems
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The infrared heating technology of the SR Series can heat samples to 1,800°C in 30 seconds, supporting rapid heating tests.
These models provide ultra-high temperature (1,800°C) rapid heating with power consumption of only 2 kW.
They combine ultra-high temperature heating with a structure designed to minimize heat damage to the furnace tube.
Attain a temperature of 1,800°C in 30 seconds or less.
Infrared irradiation provides clean heating.
Energy-saving models with power consumption of only 2 kW.
High vacuum models and gas flow models are available.
Graphene/SiC activation heat treatment
Ultra-high temperature material heating.
Heat cycle testing of electronic materials
SR Series models are available with the specifications below.
Model name SR1800G SR1800D SR1800
Infrared lamp rating 2kW
Maximum attainable temperature 1800°C
Heated surface area φ15mm
Maximum heating rate 100°C/sec 300°C/sec
Gas introduction Gas flow Gas purge
Maximum attainable vacuum degree 10–3Pa 10–5Pa
Cooling water flow rate 2L/min
Operating principle of SR Series
SR1800G Gas Flow Super RTA System
SR1800D Tabletop Super RTA System
SR1800 Ultra-high Temperature Ultra-High-Speed RTA System
An SR Series model with an improved gas flow path to provide an optimum structure for testing in gas flows.
Non-heating functions have also been streamlined to lower cost.
These refinements have created a product designed to satisfy a wider range of researchers.
Provides the same heating capacity and operation ease as other SR Series models, while reducing the size of the chamber and other components to create a compact product enabling tabletop use.
The high-performance model of the SR Series.
The infrared lamp heat source is located in the same rotating spheroid reflecting mirror where the sample is placed, enabling highly efficient heat treatment.
This highly expandable system combines components such as a vacuum chamber with several ports, a safety circuit, and heater elevator mechanism.
A turbo-molecular pump is connected to the vacuum chamber, supporting vacuums as high as 10–5 Pa. Options are available for a wide range of research applications such as gas pressure regulation.
SR1800 was developed with a new product development subsidy from the Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center.