GA Series Infrared Guide Heating Systems for Atmospheric Heating
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Models that irradiate and heat the sample with an infrared beam emitted from the tip of a quartz rod.
The emission direction is variable within a 360° range, enabling settings such as upward, horizontal, downward, and diagonal emission.
The sample is irradiated by an infrared beam, rapidly heating it.
The beam direction can be set to any orientation in the X, Y, and Z-axes.
The beam only irradiates the sample, providing point heating that does not heat the surroundings.
Models enabling heating from a 100 V power outlet are available (GA154/GA198).
Point heating of quartz tube-mounted samples that are placed in a magnetic field or spinning
Point heating of test samples for tensile testing or thermal shock testing
Models for heating in atmosphere: GA models
Model name GA154 GVA198 GA298
Infrared lamp rating 500W 1kw 2kW
Maximum attainable temperature 1100°C 1300°C 1500°C
Heated surface area φ14mm φ20mm
Maximum heating rate 100°C/sec 100°C/sec 150°C/sec
Atmosphere In the air
Cooling water flow rate 1L/min 2L/min
Systems that apply the rapid heating technologies used in Thermo Riko’s infrared guide heating systems.
Enable destructive testing of disc-shaped test samples by irradiating both sides of the sample with infrared to apply thermal shock.
Used for thermal shock testing of materials such as ceramics.
Model name TH4K TH6K
Infrared lamp rating 2kW×2 3kW×2
Maximum attainable temperature 1600°C 1700°C
Sample size φ10mm~30mm×2mm
Maximum heating rate 100°C or less
Cooling water flow rate 2L/min