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GV Series models provide pinpoint infrared beam irradiation to enable rapid non-contact heating of the sample only.
They can be used with samples placed in various atmospheres such as ultra-high vacuum or gas flows, and can be easily connected to vacuum systems and analysis systems.
The GV Series is our leading products.
High-speed heating : Max. heating rate 150°C/second;
heating time: approximately one minute to attain the temperature of 1,500°C
Clean heating : No possibility of gas emissions or electromagnetic induction from the heat source.
Localized heating : The infrared beam heats the sample only, not the surroundings.
Freely connectable : Can be connected to various other equipment.
High-speed heating and annealing of materials such as Si and SiC
Generating oxide crystals and creating thin films in oxidizing atmospheres
Heating substrates in hydrogen and nitrogen atmospheres
Heating samples being irradiated by X-rays or UV beams
Heating samples in equipment such as thermal desorption spectroscopy systems or XPS/XRD/PLD analysis systems
Heating in the presence or absence of a magnetic field
Heating in pressurized atmospheres
Heating with a load applied to the sample
GV Series models are available with the specifications below.
Ultra-high vacuum models Support ultra-high vacuum degree of up to 10–9 Pa.
High-speed heating models Achieves rapid heating of max. heating rate 150°C/second.
Air heating models Can spot-heat samples placed in an air atmosphere.
Pressurized atmosphere models Can heat samples in pressure chambers at pressures of up to 10 atmospheres.
Special models The best features of the GV Series can be applied to special models for high-speed cooling, stress heating, heating in magnetic fields, or various other applications. Contact Thermo Riko for information.
CE Marking CE Marking models are also available.

Operating principle

GVH Ultra-high vacuum models
Model name GVH198 GVH298
Infrared lamp rating 1kW 2kW
Maximum attainable temperature 1200°C 1400°C
Heated surface area φ20mm
Maximum heating rate 1°C/sec
Maximum attainable vacuum degree 10–9Pa
Cooling water flow rate 1L/min 2L/min
GV/GVL High-speed heating models
Model name GV154 GV198 GVL298 GVL398
Infrared lamp rating 500W 1kw 2kW 3kW
Maximum attainable temperature 1100°C 1300°C 1500°C 1600°C
Heated surface area φ14mm φ20mm
Maximum heating rate 100°C/sec 100~150°C/sec
Maximum attainable vacuum degree 10–7Pa
Cooling water flow rate 1L/min 2L/min
GVP Pressurized atmosphere models
Model name GVP198 GVP298
Infrared lamp rating 1kW 2kW
Maximum attainable temperature 1200°C 1300°C
Heated surface area φ20mm
Maximum heating rate 100°C/sec
Maximum attainable vacuum degree 1MPa or less
Cooling water flow rate 1L/min 1L/min
GV-1/GV-2 Rapid Annealing Infrared Guide Heating Systems
RTA198/RTA298 Bottom-Surface Irradiation Infrared Heat Treatment Systems
GV2H Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy System
GVL298M/GV154M/GV-M1 Infrared Guide Heating Systems for Sample Heating in Magnetic Fields
GVL298-2S Infrared Guide Heating System for X-Ray Topography
XPS system connection example
Models enabling ultra-high-speed heating of samples in high vacuums. Contain components such as an infrared guide section, multiport vacuum chamber, and temperature controller. Come with a large number of ports to support various types of research.
Support clean heating, and samples can be placed and removed through the vacuum chamber front door.
[ Applications ]
•Continuous heating/cooling control of samples in vacuum or gas atmospheres
•Rapid heating/cooling tests with sample front surface heating and back surface cooling (optional)
•Heating in pressurized atmospheres (optional)
•20 mm diameter max.
Model name GV1 GV2
Infrared lamp rating 1kW 2kW
Maximum attainable temperature 1300°C 1500°C
Heated surface area ~φ20mm
Maximum heating rate 100~150°C/sec
Maximum attainable vacuum degree 10–5Pa
Cooling water flow rate 1L/min 2L/min
Models with components such as an infrared guide heating system, compact vacuum chamber, temperature measurement sample unit, and constant-value temperature controller.
The sample placed in the vacuum chamber is irradiated with infrared from the bottom surface, enabling clean sample heating and rapid annealing.
The sample can be observed and photographed during heating from a view port at the top of the chamber.
Model name RTA198 RTA298
Infrared lamp rating 1kW 2kW
Maximum attainable temperature 900~1000°C 1000~1300°C
Heated surface area ~φ20mm
Maximum attainable vacuum degree 10–3Pa  5×10–5Pa
Cooling water flow rate 1L/min 2L/min
A model with an ultra-high vacuum infrared guide heating system, ultra-high vacuum chamber, mass spectrometer, power/safety circuit unit, and vacuum exhaust system. Enables mass spectrometry of trace gases generated from samples heated to high temperatures.
The heat source of the infrared guide heating system unit is outside the vacuum chamber, eliminating gas emissions and enabling clean heating and high-precision analysis.
Model name GV2H
Infrared lamp rating 2kW
Maximum attainable temperature 1500°C
Heated surface area φ15mm
Maximum attainable vacuum degree 10–6Pa
Delivery destination Kyoto University
Models ideal for heat treating samples in magnetic fields.
[ Features ]
•Heating is done with light, enabling clean heating free from electromagnetic induction effects on the sample.
•Enable pinpoint heating of the sample only, without heating the magnets.
Can be connected to various conventional and superconducting magnets.
Enable heating of samples in vacuum and gas atmospheres in magnetic fields.
The sample to heat is inserted inside the magnet’s bore along with the atmosphere-control quartz furnace tube.
The bore inner wall temperature reaches no more than 40°C at a sample temperature of 1,000°C.

A model that heats a sample being irradiated with X-rays in a high vacuum to ultra-high temperatures. (Infrared beams are emitted diagonally from the top-left and bottom-right, and an X-ray beam is emitted horizontally from the left.)
The vacuum chamber can be mounted on an XY stage, swivel stage, or rotary stage to enable crystal structure analysis from any angle while the sample is being heated, held, or cooled
Model name GVL298-2S
Infrared lamp rating 2kW×2
Maximum attainable temperature 1500°C
Heated surface area φ20mm
Maximum attainable vacuum degree 10–4Pa
Delivered to:Spring-8
Several of Thermo Riko’s infrared guide heating systems can be used in combination with different analysis systems.
The example in the photo shows GVL298 connected to an XPS system.
This setup heats the sample with infrared irradiation, purifying it by releasing moisture and foreign objects from the sample surface. A transfer rod moves the sample in an ultra-high vacuum to the XPS analysis chamber (shown on the right side of the photo).
The sample is then irradiated with X-rays and surface analysis is performed.