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Use this guide to select the best model for your process conditions. Models can be selected by temperature, by atmospheric condition, by application, or by surface area/volume.

Enabling pinpoint heating of samples in a vacuum environment.
Connect easily to vacuum systems and analysis systems.
Unique products available from no other manufacturer in the world.
Lineup includes: ultra-high vacuum models, high-speed heating models, air heating models, pressurized atmosphere models
Use an infrared beam to irradiate and spot-heat samples in the atmosphere from the tip of a quartz rod.
The infrared beam emission direction can be set freely to anywhere in a 360°range.
Tabletop-sized infrared vacuum furnaces.
Enable rapid thermal annealing in vacuum or gas atmospheres.
Ideal for heat treatment for research purposes.
Lineup includes: quartz tube models, two-surface irradiation quartz tube models
Rapid heating raises sample temperature to 1,800°C in 30 seconds.
Ideal for graphene, SiC activation heat treatment, and ultra-high temperature material heat treatment.
A new gas-flow model now available!

Provide non-contact heating of samples in air.
Relatively low-priced products.
Tubular furnaces providing outstanding temperature uniformity over about 70% of the furnace length.
Energy-saving systems with rapid temperature rise/fall times.
Temperature controllers ideal for use with infrared heating systems and electric furnaces.
The wide model lineup ranges from constant-value temperature controllers to advanced-function programmed temperature controllers.
Programmed temperature controllers
Constant-value temperature controllers
Flow switch/water cut-out relay
All pressure vacuum gauges
High-vacuum exhauster
Cooling water circulation system
Movable thermal sensors (thermocouples)
Infrared thermal sensors